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Web Site Hosting

PIDS offers a variety of Web hosting services. No matter what your need is we can provide the correct hosting service for you. Please feel free to email with any questions you may have.

What is Web Hosting?
Web Hosting is the process of storing files that make up your web site. So when someone opens up their web browser and types in your domain name in the address bar your web site (i.e. is displayed for everyone to view.

How much per month?
Below is the pricing structure for PIDS web site hosting. These prices are based on the customer having a domain name.

Basic Hosting
 Cost $10.00 monthly
 Server Type Linux
 Server Space 50 mb
 Email Address 10 addresses*
 Site Backup  Yes
 User FTP Access  Yes
Deluxe Hosting
 Cost  $15.00 monthly
 Server Type  Linux
 Server Space  100 mb
 Email Address  10 addresses*
 Site Backup  Yes
 Administration  Yes
 MySQL DB  Yes
 Shopping Cart  Yes
 User FTP Access  Yes

* = More emails can be add if needed inquire for pricing.