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Web Design

PIDS offers a wide range of Web Design capabilities. From a simple One Page Static Web Site to a full blown Administrative Dynamic Web Site with such features as FLASH Animation and a Shopping Cart capable of doing real time business. Please feel free to email with any questions you may have.

What is Web Design?
Designing a web site is not only just coding but an art form. Anyone can make a web site, but it takes a special company to make a Great Web Site. This is where PIDS can help you. We will not only design your web site but consult with you as to what works. We also create all of our own code so if you need anything special shopping cart to a complete web based POS we can custom make it for you.

What can PIDS provide me?
PIDS can provide not only Great Customer Support, but a Great Web Site that works for you. We specialize in Administrative Web Sites where you the customer can make your own updates to your site. What this means is, once the web site is done you don't need to be dependent on PIDS to make updates, if you want to change anything from just a word on your home page to a shopping cart product you can do it. This will save you money and time.

Web Design fees?
Web Design costs vary for construction but our standard price is $50.00 per hour. For new site construction we will provide an estimate and require half the cost as a down payment, the other half coming upon completion of the web site.